What do you do about a purse that looks super cute and is fairly cheap but might not fit all your stuff?

the purse is about 13 x 10 x 4, but is super super cute and is about $50 with shipping all together or $62 if in the other color, what do you think?? Should I still get it?? It might fit my notebooks and other small essentials, but im not sure about my folders. I dont need a binder and I usually bring a separate bag with me to hold my textbooks so i could probably put my folders there, but what do you think?

clean a Coach vachetta leather purse

My Coach purse ( Vachetta Leather ) care instructions say ” Not compatible with Coach Leather cleaner , to clean , use a damp soft cloth.

Somehow , I got a couple of black smudges on it , and I don’t know how to get them off. The damp cloth , of course , does nothing . Its a very light peach colored leather. If anyone has any suggestions , please help!

How do you tell the diffrence between a real coach handbag and a fake one?

I was just wondering. i have a REAL Coach purse. and i just want to know how can i tell the difference if someone at my school has a fake one?
i did not mean it like “ohh. look i have a coach purse and yours is fake” Im not that kind of person. i just wanted to know what the diffrence was. and i am happy that i have one. i was just wondering.

Tacoma business accused of selling fake coach handbags

SEATTLE — A popular purse and accessories company has filed a lawsuit against a Tacoma businessman, accusing him of selling counterfeit goods.

Representatives from Coach learned last month that products with designs similar to their own were being sold at a Tacoma store.

The company estimates counterfeiting costs the US economy anywhere from $250 billion to $500 billion each year.

The sign outside Portland Avenue Hair and Beauty Supply lists the items sold inside the shop, but Coach representatives say some of those purses and accessories are knockoffs.

Now the company is taking the shop’s owner to court as part of something called “Operation Turnlock.” The operation is meant to do away with counterfeiting and has already resulted in 700 lawsuits.

In this lawsuit, which was filed last week, Coach claims the owner of the Tacoma store is infringing on the company’s authentic products.

“Defendants’ acts are deliberate and intended to confuse the public as to the source of defendants’ goods or services and to injure plaintiffs,” the complaint reads.

Coach singles out one bag sold in Tacoma that representatives say bears markings and designs from the Coach trademark.

The store owner said he hasn’t seen the lawsuit but believes the bag in question came from New York. When asked where, specifically, the bag came from, he said he would have to check with his sources.

David Quinlan of the Better Business Bureau said well made knockoffs make it difficult to tell which product is fake and which is not.

“It’s alarming, the similarities between the actual items that they’re trying to sell and the knock offs,” he said.

Quinlan said anyone in the market for high-end products should do their homework before buying.

“We advise consumers to shop wisely,” he said. “Obviously, before you buy any high-end product you want to make sure it’s authentic. If you’re going to go online, you want to make sure you use a reputable website.”

Coach offered similar advice, saying the only place shoppers can buy its merchandise are at Coach stores, factory stores, authorized department stores and the company’s website.

What kind of price differences are there between the Coach store and the Coach Outlet?

I’m finally ready to buy my first Coach and I have been doing a lot of research into what I want. I’m thinking about going to the Outlets, but if the prices are just $20 difference than those in the actual store, I might as well go to the regular Coach store. Also, what styles do they have in the outlets? Is it like last season styles or current?? Thanks for any details you can give me to differentiate the two!