Alexander Wang Does See-Now-Buy-Now His Way With a Capsule of Spring 2017 Pieces

Alexander Wang’s neon-colored surf-core show at New York Fashion Week was one of the highs of the season that left guests feeling optimistic about fashion’s future—and with a long laundry list of items to covet. Luckily for #WangSquad members everywhere, the designer is releasing a selection of denim, T-shirts, and replica handbags from the collection for immediate-ish purchase. We say immediate-ish because the release of the capsule collection arrives tomorrow, October 10, exactly one month after Wang’s riotous Spring 2017 show.


Among the lineup are shredded denim jackets and jeans in light blue and white, a series of bucket bags in neon coral and black, a new set of tees featuring the brand’s barcode logo in leopard print, and a neon fabric cuff complete with a metal chain that the brand is calling a “surf cuff”—the more dirty-minded Wang fans might see it ideal for another, sexier use. Up to you what to do with whichever piece catches your fancy, but you’ll want to hurry and scoop it up now. The full range of items arrives in select Alexander Wang stores, as well as online, tomorrow, and if the bevy of celebrities and It models who call Wang a friend are any indication, it will be selling out, stat.


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How can online stores selling fakes legally operate?

How is it possible that some online stores sell designer handbags  that they claim to be 100%authentic even if they are “knock-offs”? Isn’t that false advertising? Why does not anyone shut them down? Isn’t there a “police” for that? I naivly bought a purse from on online store who claimed to have the real deal, but after reading up on them I am not sure anymore. I did pay a pretty penny which I why I thought that’s the price for the real deal minus the overhead. There is a mailing address on their website, which I think is pretty bold. Is there any way to find out if my purse is real?

Thanks a bunch!

Am I able to sell REPLICA jewelry on EBAY?

I have an underground business selling replica jewelry.

& yes my customers KNOW that they are replicas.

But I was wondering if theres a rule against selling replica jewelry?

I wouldn’t think so, because people sell replica handbags on there.

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