Why does everyone think Gucci Mane just came out?

Yes I am a Gucci fan………he’s been out since 2005 has 4 major albums 15+ mixtapes and he’s real. Im not saying he’s the best or the greatest lyricist, but he’s cool. I mean I like rap with meaning and substance but,on some of his songs he tells stories also.Its something about him that caught my attention I just can’t put on finger on it. Anyway give me your views.

9 thoughts on “Why does everyone think Gucci Mane just came out?”

  1. maybe cuz he sounds like he has had no practice??? or because he has a 2 year olds vocabulary, soo if hes 2 then how long culd he have been out??

  2. gucci mane isn’t anything special hes garbage and people think he came out cuz he finally got some mainstream spotlight

  3. Gucci has been out since 2005 but its only been 4 almost 5 years and compared to Biggie, Tupac, Ja Rule, Jay-Z, Eminem he is pretty new. And i like Gucci

  4. who is this man why do you enjoy his music?

    apparently most of the public does not appreciate his music..what are his popular songs?

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