when the gucci store have on sale on their handbags?

I’m looking to get a gucci handbag for my mom and I would like to get her a medium size handbag for $500. So I would like to know when do the gucci store have on sale?

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  1. my guess would be never….since it’s a big designer they probably hold the same prices year-round. That would be just like Dooney and Bourke and other designers.

  2. Unfortunately never (that I have seen)… same w/ Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior….don’t know why that is, I guess they figure if you have the money to be looking at them you dont have to worry about it going on sale. Good Luck.

  3. Yeah they usually don’t have sales like a Macy’s or a Nordstrom would. But some of their stuff goes on sale when it’s older, like when their new stuff comes out (that’s how I got my wallet, and it’s leather and crocodile but it was 50% off-well I was in Italy so maybe it’s different there). I don’t know where you are, but here in SoCal there are some Gucci outlets with with great deals. You might want to try looking for one. Good Luck!!

  4. Well you and your mom are in luck…gucci started their sale Tuesday, June 5th…I don’t know when it’s over but they have reeeeeeally good prices right now! They have two sales a year one in June and the other in the winter around late December (for Christmas). A bag that would cost 1450 is down to 850! I shop there often and I’m on their mailing list, get on it and they’ll notify you when they’re having a sale. The only “big” name designer that doesn’t have sales is Louis Vuitton. Gucci, Chanel, Dior, and Burberry do!

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