How much should I sell my gucci Sunglass for?

I bought a pair of Gucci 2902 Blue Bamboo Sunglasses a while ago for $230.

I wore them about three times but I don’t like the way they look on me… they have been sitting in my closet. They are totally new-looking.. no scratches, nothing…

What should the markdown be?

9 thoughts on “How much should I sell my gucci Sunglass for?”

  1. it depends how long ago. at best, i would sell them at $350 or $300 since the price probably went up since you bought them.

  2. their in good condition like you said look on ebay and see what other gucci sunglasses are going fo then mark it for arout that price being that they are blue they may be harder to sell. I waould sell it for about $100 but people can bid highter and put a “buy it now” for $200 this way you’ll still get some desant cash for them good luck

    You’d be suprised what people pay for stuff on ebay

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