Tips on buying a Replica Coach purse

COACH handbags are relatively inexpensive compared to many other designer bags such as PRADA, DIOR, CHANEL, LV, and so on,but still expensive for many people,but replica coach bags can save you big are some tips on buying a goody replica coach purses
sure the photos of the Coach item you want to buy is of the actual product the seller is selling and not a stock photo. Also, be weary of  blurry photos, etc.

Look at the details! If you purchase a goody replica coach purses. If it is a Coach bag than the stitching should be perfect, even at the outlets, the stitching is top notch. Also, the brassware or Coach’s hardware so to speak, is often tagged with Coach’s logo. It is important to PAY ATTENTION to these details.

Look at the purse’s zipper mechanism (the item that actually pulls the sides of the zipper together). This mechanism will have the letters “YKK” on it, which means that the highest-quality of manufacturer of zippers was used and this is the manufacturer COACH uses. Keep in mind these letters are often hard to photograph.

How to Spot the Knock off Coach purse


  • My immediate, most fail-proof advice for finding perfect replica is knowing the original. With Coach that is way easier for most of us, since they’ve been on a blitz for several years opening outlet stores everywhere, and way more of us are likely to find ourselves in the Coach store holding one in hand.


  • There is tons of information online, and tons of very particular, very unique features of Coach handbags that make it easy to tell if you’re looking at a real one.

Classic leather Coach purse

Our guide will show you how to spot a good knockoff Coach purse.

If you find yourself holding a Coach bag in hand, and want to know if it’s real there are several quick tell-tale signs.

  • Examine the canvas, seams, and lining. Coach is known for heavy-duty construction, any signs of weak, flimsy construction are an alert.
  • Check the Coach pattern for color, alignment, and font.
  • Check if the hardware fits right, that it will not come off if pried, and that it is unpolished.
  • Check the buckles. Do they work correctly? Is the leather tender enough to bend for easy adjustment?

If, like most of us, you are buying online, and don’t have the luxury of holding it in hand, you’ll want to keep reading. I’ve included pictures and details of each specific feature of a Coach creation.

Authentic Coach is Made in China

Really. And so are the replicas, but many replica manufacturers think real ones are made in the USA, so that’s what they print on their labels. In fact, this has the opposite effect, since real Coach bags say the truth: Made in China.

Line of Two C’s, Not One

The Coach monogram canvas is the most heavily replicated, and definitely the most popular Coach look. A pattern with a single C in each row is a definite fake, and it’s a totally common oversight too, so remember to look out for it. There are always two C’s (just like the Gucci GG) and they rotate between vertical and horizontal. The CC also connects at the serif.

This is how the Coach monogram canvas should look

An authentic Coach purse with the CC logo.

Coach Dust Bag

Coach sells their products in a brown dust bag with red drawstring and seam. This is a sure-fire way to spot a Coach knockoff since most replica vendors do include dust bags, but often of the wrong color.

Coach dust bag

An authentic Coach dust bag.

Coach Tags

Is it metal or leather? What color is it? How is the Coach logo set on it? What kind of chain or strap is it attached by? Coach makes tags in both metal and leather, so be sure to check out the specific bag design. Make sure it is attached by an unpolished brass chain, that the Coach name is in capital letters, embossed, and perfectly centered. Be sure the stitching is straight.

Authentic leather Coach tags

An authentic leather Coach tag.

Coach Creed Patch

Look for the Coach Creed patch, some bags don’t have it, some fakes do, but you can always tell by looking at a real one. The leather shouldn’t be shiny. The paragraph should be in all capital letters and, obviously in English. The serial number should start with “No” (for #) and have 2 letters, 2 numbers, a dash, and 4 more numbers.

Coach creed patch

An authentic Coach creed patch

YKK Zippers

YKK is the world’s largest zipper manufacturer and the only one Coach uses. Every Coach zipper will look like the one below, so if it doesn’t have the “YKK” that’s one of the easiest “how to spot a Coach knockoff” tricks.

Coach YKK zipper

The almighty YKK zipper used on all Coach bags.

That’s all I can think of for now. There is actually tons of information on how to spotting Coach fakes specifically online. It is one brand that has definitely inspired a drive to either protect the authentic or create the perfect copy…depends who’s dealing out the information I guess. Want to know more?