Am I able to sell REPLICA jewelry on EBAY?

I have an underground business selling replica jewelry.

& yes my customers KNOW that they are replicas.

But I was wondering if theres a rule against selling replica jewelry?

I wouldn’t think so, because people sell replica handbags on there.

But I wanna know just to make sure!


2 thoughts on “Am I able to sell REPLICA jewelry on EBAY?”

  1. Replica means it’s a copy of someone else’s copyrighted design.
    Selling a replica (or even buying one) is theft.

  2. From the ebay website: “Policy overview

    Items that bear a company’s official brand name or logo can be listed as long as the products were made or officially endorsed by that company.

    For a safer buying and selling experience on eBay, we don’t allow listings for counterfeit items, fakes, replicas, or unauthorized copies. Unauthorized copies include things that are backed-up, bootlegged, duplicated, or pirated—which are all illegal. These kinds of things may infringe on someone’s copyright or trademark.”

    So your answer is “No”

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