Which site LOUIS VUITTON handbag replicas? Cheap and good quality. Please answer has bought a friend!?

Which site LOUIS VUITTON handbag replicas? Cheap and good quality. Please answer has bought a friend! thanks!!

What do you do about a purse that looks super cute and is fairly cheap but might not fit all your stuff?

the purse is about 13 x 10 x 4, but is super super cute and is about $50 with shipping all together or $62 if in the other color, what do you think?? Should I still get it?? It might fit my notebooks and other small essentials, but im not sure about my folders. I dont need a binder and I usually bring a separate bag with me to hold my textbooks so i could probably put my folders there, but what do you think?

Does anybody know any safe and real legit website to get genuine/authentic Gucci purse for cheap prices?

Hi. My aunt’s birthday is coming up in few days. My uncle and I are planning on getting her a Gucci Handbag. The problem is money doesn’t grow on trees! Does anybody know any good websites where I can get genuine, authentic, real Gucci handbags? I need a safe, real legit website. I want the bags to be no more than $500. Please don’t tell me I can’t get a good Gucci bag for less than $500. Thank you for any help! Please let me know as soon as possible because her birthday is a few days away. Thank you!

Where can i get cheap chanel handbag replicas?

My g/f wants a fake Chanel replica handbags for her b-day and every says they get them from NY. but of course im not there and cant get one.. a lot of people have been saying ebay but there is NONE now! Ive also found some from china wholesalers but of course those have to be shipped over seas which is a huge risk..Where can i find these cheap replicas in the USA?

Where can I get cheap real Michael Kors purses online?

A few months ago I found a website that had Michael Kors purses, tote bags, wallets, etc., for only $55! I ordered one of this  Michael Kors purses  & a free handbag came with it. I tried searching for the website again & I cant find it anywhere. Also I can’t find my receipt so I can not  see what website I got the handbags at. Does anyone know this website I’m talking about or a better one?

Where can I get cheap replica designer handbags,purses,wallets online?

I’m looking for a super cheap replica handbag online. I would prefer either Coach or Dooney & Bourke, and when I say “super cheap,” I mean $25 or less! I have come across a few sites, but I don’t know if they are legitimate. I don’t want to get scammed! Have any of you found a site that offers really cheap designer bags that you have ordered from successfully?