Why does everyone think Gucci Mane just came out?

Yes I am a Gucci fan………he’s been out since 2005 has 4 major albums 15+ mixtapes and he’s real. Im not saying he’s the best or the greatest lyricist, but he’s cool. I mean I like rap with meaning and substance but,on some of his songs he tells stories also.Its something about him that caught my attention I just can’t put on finger on it. Anyway give me your views.

Does anybody know any safe and real legit website to get genuine/authentic Gucci purse for cheap prices?

Hi. My aunt’s birthday is coming up in few days. My uncle and I are planning on getting her a Gucci Handbag. The problem is money doesn’t grow on trees! Does anybody know any good websites where I can get genuine, authentic, real Gucci handbags? I need a safe, real legit website. I want the bags to be no more than $500. Please don’t tell me I can’t get a good Gucci bag for less than $500. Thank you for any help! Please let me know as soon as possible because her birthday is a few days away. Thank you!

How to get rid of brown dust in Gucci bag?

I have just gotten a vintage Gucci bag ┬áin the mail today. When I opened it brown dust was inside it. It is probably the fabric remains (suede, or leather?) crumbling inside, since it’s old. How can I get rid of it? It is getting all my things dusty! I have tried wiping it out with my hand, which doesn’t work out all that great. Then I tried blowing inside the bag which made the crumblies come out much more effectively. What should I try now?

Are gucci watches good quality? Or should I wait to buy Cartier, Montblanc or Baume et Mercier?

I can’t afford Cartier, Montblanc or Baume et Mercier right now (their watches start at around 2,000 which is twice what I can afford) but I saw this really beautiful Gucci watch at gucci yesterday. It was stainless and had little diamonds instead of the numbers, it was a little over 1,000$. Are gucci watches good quality? Or should I save more money to buy one from the top brands?

What paolo Gucci watch has signified orange and green stripes?

I have a Paolo Gucci watch that I am thinking may be rare. I cannot find it on the net so decided to try here..anyways it is a women’s wrist watch with one orange stripe and one green stripe on the side, all glass face..made of swiss quartz…gucci insignia on the band…and says limited edition on the back face with Orologio Gucci…What watch is this and what year would it be from?

How do you treat and condition vintage Gucci interior leather?

I am a collector of vintage gucci bags, and the ones from the 80’s are notorious for flaking. The leather is a soft kidskin leather, with some texture, and I don’t want to use the wrong conditioner. Does anyone know a natural leather conditioner that will not harm soft delicate leather? I want the bags to keep their moisture so they do not flake. Thank goodness Gucci has now started using fabric for the inside!