Does anybody know any safe and real legit website to get genuine/authentic Gucci purse for cheap prices?

Hi. My aunt’s birthday is coming up in few days. My uncle and I are planning on getting her a Gucci Handbag. The problem is money doesn’t grow on trees! Does anybody know any good websites where I can get genuine, authentic, real Gucci handbags? I need a safe, real legit website. I want the bags to be no more than $500. Please don’t tell me I can’t get a good Gucci bag for less than $500. Thank you for any help! Please let me know as soon as possible because her birthday is a few days away. Thank you!

Tip on buying replica designer purses/handbags from

Hello I am looking for some tips on buying from I know that the purses  sold on this website are usually replica and mostly from China. I have only bought once from the site and it was a possitive experience. Does anyone know any trusted sellers on this site? Sellers who’s replica’s are pretty close to the real thing?

where can i find a good quality brand of handbags?

I am tired of buying handbag after handbag because the interior lining rips or the outside strap and handles crack or break. I need a good quality handbag that is not an arm and a leg. I have no idea where to find such a thing. I want one that is sturdy but not gigantic. Help!
Just wanted to highlight the whole don’t wanna spend “and arm and a leg” on a thing to carry crap in. I will never buy anything Coach.

What are the laws on selling designer inspired purses?

When I go on vacation I always see people selling designer purse knockoffs. I want to set up shop and sell some but want to make sure its legal. I would of course tell people they are not the real thing, just inspired to look like the expensive ones.
Also, where could I order lots of these purses?

Where can I get cheap real Michael Kors purses online?

A few months ago I found a website that had Michael Kors purses, tote bags, wallets, etc., for only $55! I ordered one of this  Michael Kors purses  & a free handbag came with it. I tried searching for the website again & I cant find it anywhere. Also I can’t find my receipt so I can not  see what website I got the handbags at. Does anyone know this website I’m talking about or a better one?