What do u think of this Michael kors handbag?

Hi, I recently just bought this Michael kors purse and I was wondering what is your opinion on it :) I know it’s a bright coloured purse but I will probrably pair it with darker coloured clothes to make my outfit pop :) it’s the Michael kors turquoise ostrich leather Hamilton (it’s the style that does not have a lock on it but it has a golden plate in the front)

This is the purse, look mostly at the second picture:

Thanks !

Removing self tanner from white Michael Kors watch?

I have a white ceramic Michael Kors watch, and I wore it while I had self tanner on. It ended up staining the watch. What can I use to remove the stain from the watch? I’ve tried rubbing alcohol, laundry detergent and hand soap with no luck.

Thanks for your help!

Please help me find this Michael Kors handbag?

Alright, the other day I was working at Tjmaxx. I suddenly saw this really cute Michael Kors handbag and I didn’t purchase it and now it’s gone. I searched for it everywhere on the internet and I absolutely can’t find it. I need help! It was tan and white, a cross body, kinda rounded but not too much, and it had a big gold MK on the front. I don’t know what style it is but that’s what it looks like. If anyone has any idea please let me know. At Tjmaxx it was $160 so yeah!

Should I get a Michael Kors bag or Coach Willis bag in black with gold hardware?

I have been saving up for a while and would like to purchase a nice bag.

I really like the following choices:

the first one is a Coach Willis bag in black with gold hardware, and it’s $298.

the second one is a Michael Kors Hamilton tote in black with cold hardware, and it’s $358.

So I am wondering which one is a better buy, and which one have better quality(leather, craftsmanship, etc.).

Also I am wondering if these bags will ever be on promotion? I don’t have to have it right away and I would love to get one with a discount.