I would like to sell in the flea market? Where in Illinois can I buy clothes, handbags at wholesale prices?

I would like to start selling at flea markets in Chicago or suburbs. However, I do not know where to start to purchase items at wholesale prices, get a tax ID number and etc. Can someone please advise me on what steps I need to take and what wholesale stores or websites can I go to to purchase items at wholesale price. I thank everyone in advance for your advice who experience with selling at flea markets and buying products at wholesale prices.

I would like to sell purses, shoes, clothes, electronics etc at flea markets?

I have tryed the internet and found companies like doba, wholesale fashionsquare, etc. are not true wholesale prices.

So where can find wholesale supplers? (purses, shoes, clothes, electronics, etc.)

Do I need a reseller permit to sale at a flea market?

How do I qualify to attend tradeshows and are they expensive?

Note: I am in the state of Alabama and also interested in dropshipping.

I will choose a best answer. Thank in advance.

I want to invest in designer purse?

I have never bought anything designer purse before, but I now have a bit of cash and would like to buy a purse that will last many seasons, will look good with many outfits, and will make my friends jealous!! Can anyone please give me some suggestions of designers I can look at for this purchase?? I would like it to be mature, elegant and classy. Thank you!