What do u think of this Michael kors handbag?

Hi, I recently just bought this Michael kors purse and I was wondering what is your opinion on it :) I know it’s a bright coloured purse but I will probrably pair it with darker coloured clothes to make my outfit pop :) it’s the Michael kors turquoise ostrich leather Hamilton (it’s the style that does not have a lock on it but it has a golden plate in the front)

This is the purse, look mostly at the second picture:

Thanks !

clean a Coach vachetta leather purse

My Coach purse ( Vachetta Leather ) care instructions say ” Not compatible with Coach Leather cleaner , to clean , use a damp soft cloth.

Somehow , I got a couple of black smudges on it , and I don’t know how to get them off. The damp cloth , of course , does nothing . Its a very light peach colored leather. If anyone has any suggestions , please help!

Please help me find this Michael Kors handbag?

Alright, the other day I was working at Tjmaxx. I suddenly saw this really cute Michael Kors handbag¬†and I didn’t purchase it and now it’s gone. I searched for it everywhere on the internet and I absolutely can’t find it. I need help! It was tan and white, a cross body, kinda rounded but not too much, and it had a big gold MK on the front. I don’t know what style it is but that’s what it looks like. If anyone has any idea please let me know. At Tjmaxx it was $160 so yeah!

How to get rid of brown dust in Gucci bag?

I have just gotten a vintage Gucci bag ¬†in the mail today. When I opened it brown dust was inside it. It is probably the fabric remains (suede, or leather?) crumbling inside, since it’s old. How can I get rid of it? It is getting all my things dusty! I have tried wiping it out with my hand, which doesn’t work out all that great. Then I tried blowing inside the bag which made the crumblies come out much more effectively. What should I try now?

How do you tell the diffrence between a real coach handbag and a fake one?

I was just wondering. i have a REAL Coach purse. and i just want to know how can i tell the difference if someone at my school has a fake one?
i did not mean it like “ohh. look i have a coach purse and yours is fake” Im not that kind of person. i just wanted to know what the diffrence was. and i am happy that i have one. i was just wondering.