Does anybody know any safe and real legit website to get genuine/authentic Gucci purse for cheap prices?

Hi. My aunt’s birthday is coming up in few days. My uncle and I are planning on getting her a Gucci Handbag. The problem is money doesn’t grow on trees! Does anybody know any good websites where I can get genuine, authentic, real Gucci handbags? I need a safe, real legit website. I want the bags to be no more than $500. Please don’t tell me I can’t get a good Gucci bag for less than $500. Thank you for any help! Please let me know as soon as possible because her birthday is a few days away. Thank you!

How do you tell the diffrence between a real coach handbag and a fake one?

I was just wondering. i have a REAL Coach purse. and i just want to know how can i tell the difference if someone at my school has a fake one?
i did not mean it like “ohh. look i have a coach purse and yours is fake” Im not that kind of person. i just wanted to know what the diffrence was. and i am happy that i have one. i was just wondering.

Where can I get cheap real Michael Kors purses online?

A few months ago I found a website that had Michael Kors purses, tote bags, wallets, etc., for only $55! I ordered one of this  Michael Kors purses  & a free handbag came with it. I tried searching for the website again & I cant find it anywhere. Also I can’t find my receipt so I can not  see what website I got the handbags at. Does anyone know this website I’m talking about or a better one?

What is a wbsite where i can go to spot the difference between real and fake designer clothing and acessories?

i visited a site through ebay guides, i think it was called goof’d or something but, i lost the site. it showed you the difference between fake and real designer jeans, bags, shoes and lots of other stuff with pictures. it was really good. they showed where to look to tell the differences and they had the pics of real and fake ones side by side. please if anyone knows this site or a site like this one please tell me. thanks!!