Are gucci watches good quality? Or should I wait to buy Cartier, Montblanc or Baume et Mercier?

I can’t afford Cartier, Montblanc or Baume et Mercier right now (their watches start at around 2,000 which is twice what I can afford) but I saw this really beautiful Gucci watch at gucci yesterday. It was stainless and had little diamonds instead of the numbers, it was a little over 1,000$. Are gucci watches good quality? Or should I save more money to buy one from the top brands?

Is there any site that offers legit, decent quality replica watches, and really sends them to you?


There are lots of replica watch sites online, but for obvious reasons, I’m not sure they would even deliver you a watch, let alone commit identity theft on a potential buyer. are there any real internet sources for replica watches?

Where can I find online Wholesale Replica Watches?

I am looking for online wholesale replica watches & Ladies Hand Bags. I have worked and lived in Asia for many years and just about everywhere I go (Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam) there are street vendors with various levels of replica watches. From the quite terrible junk knockoffs to the semi-expensive truly realistic replicas complete with box and papers. All that I spoke with said that Hong Kong was the place to buy in bulk and that the best were made in Taiwan with Japanese components. Wondered if anyone knew of a “hotbed” or a particular shop that specialized in replica watches in Hong Kong. Cheers
They are legal in my country Dhaka, Bangladesh. Hence I would not face any sort of problems