Why so many websites can sell replica handbags online?

is not illegal to sell replica handbags? i saw many websites selling such as lv,gucci,,,etc brand trademark bags, why lv not shutdown them?

but they have trademark and copyright…
sorry, what i mean is knockoff as original, and they use trademark and copyright as lv…etc, so it is not illage?

4 thoughts on “Why so many websites can sell replica handbags online?”

  1. It is illegal so sell replicas and say they are real.

    However, the government has no (and shouldn’t have) control of the internet.

    As mechka said, they can be sold so long as they inform the customer they are not official.

  2. Becase it is not illegal to sell knockoffs. They aren’t going against any patents or laws by doing this – because the bags are replicas, not exact copies.


  3. As long as they are selling them as replicas it is not illegal. It is only illegal if they are selling knock-offs as originals.

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